UPDATE 06 MAY 2023

A new update was published to Steam:

  • UPDATE: Space Station lighting added
  • FIX: fixed issues with minimap on the Space Station scene

Second update for today:

  • FIX: The flags did not display in capture the flag game mode in the Space Station. They are now displayed so you can enjoy playing CTF games in the new Space Station map.

UPDATE 05 MAY 2023

A new update was published to Steam:

  • CHANGED: Show multiple damage indicators at the same time when a player gets shot
  • ADDED: New space station. This is the first preview version and is still a work in progress


A new space station combat area has been added to replace the old one. This level improves competitive gameplay with a choke point, multiple paths and even CTF positions. Please feel free to make suggestions or let me know if something is not working with this new scene in the issues-space-station channel.

Second update for today:

  • CHANGED: The Space Station was updated with more cover and battle areas and some roof texturing to make it easier to tell when you enter enemy territory.


A new update was published to Steam:

  • NEW MAP: Old Market Town
  • CHANGED: Changed max ping options order
  • CHANGED: Placed an object on the ground correctly in the Factory map
  • CHANGED: Removed desert map


A new update was published to Steam: Changes made to THE FACTORY map

  • Made new combat areas in the places of empty space
  • Fixed area near choke points to make sure they are unpassable without going through them
  • Removed outer areas of the map that serve no real purpose

Second update today:

  • Changed player score, kills etc database server


A new update was published to steam:

  • Fixed kill-confirmed UI issues. The score was not showing in the space station. The score background for each team was too small for double numbers to fit nicely
  • More fixes on the factory and removed objects that got left in the sky unused