A new update was pushed to Steam:

  • UI fixes on the main menu scene
  • Space Station AI should now not be going between obstacles and places players can not fit between
  • HP drops now disappear after picking them up
  • Level achievement points decreased so you don't progress 4 or 5 levels in a short game
  • The default key binding to change the camera view is now V

UPDATE 19 JAN 2023

A new update is available on Steam:

  • FIXED: Some menu UI buttons are hidden because they are being displayed off-screen on some screen sizes. This has been fixed.
  • CHANGED: The character skin selection screen has been changed to make it easier for Xbox controller use.

The second update for today:

  • FIXED: The female character skins have been fixed and should play correctly now
  • CHANGED: Some minor UI changes to the character skin selection screen and the main menu screen. Ping now displays correctly at the top of the screen